About This Blog

Welcome to my blog!
The style of this blog is personal and down to earth.  In general the method is sharing and enquiries.  It is about our development as human beings.  Much of our personal development just seems to happen naturally and in stages....baby to toddler, to little boy or girl, to adolescent, to teenager and then to adult.   While it is true that our physical development is complete by adulthood, unless we become athletes, our consciousness development can continue the rest of our lives.  By consciousness development I mean much more than our mental development(this will be covered in a post).  Much of humanity seems to assume that our personal development is finished when we finish high school or college.  We have arrived.  I never bought into that.  So this blog is about my own and others non-ending personal development.  It is about being more and more of who we can be, as in what is possible for us human beings.
It seems to me that non-ending personal development requires non-ending education.  I have been passionate about learning starting as a little kid.  That passion has morphed into passion for transformative education distinct from informative education after I realized that information type education alone was insufficient for our development as human beings.  We have developed the information necessary to send a man to the moon and other amazing technology in many fields but we are still killing each other in wars.  This blog is my attempt to share my passion for transformative or what I call alternative education.  It seems to me that all problems, predicaments and breakdowns in life can be be traced to ignorance or maybe less charged words……what we don’t know or what we are unconscious about or unaware of.   Another way to say it:  what we don’t know and don’t know we don’t know.  And even more simple…..blind spots. So all that I share on this blog will be done with the intent to help liberate us from our individual and collective blind spots. I am not writing a blog to display or impress anyone with my knowledge and wisdom.  I am of the view that wisdom, insight, education or whatever we choose to call it, does not belong to us individually but rather to us collectively.  And I have noticed that insights, wisdom, education, etc. are short lived or have much less impact personally if not shared.  So I invite all who read this blog to share your life experiences, knowledge, understanding and wisdom that has shown up in your life in the comments section.