About Jimmy Wilson


I grew up on a small farm in northeast Georgia in a typical dysfunctional American family.  My father is still alive(barely) at 95 and my mother died at 57, probably from depression.   My Dad is in a nursing home and can no longer walk or talk.  My ex-wife and I successfully raised a daughter and a son and we have four grandchildren.  I worked several years in the corporate world in manufacturing with Ford Motor and Lockheed Corp. and then as a stock broker with Merrill Lynch.  I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, mostly as a contractor.
I worked my way through Georgia Tech as a co-op student(alternate working one quarter and college the next quarter).  I earned 100% of my expenses working for Georgia Power except for a small scholarship that got me through the first quarter. Soon after college when the effects of my dysfunctional family background started showing up, I realized that my formal education was of limited value in my ongoing development as a human being.  With that realization I started studying what would now be called personal development teachings which led to more formal involvement with various organizations with emphasis on Landmark Education.   My involvement has taken the form of programs, seminars and workshops with several organizations.  Landmark Education has been the most impactful and has been so for 32 years.  Recently I became involved with Awakening World Seminars with the possibility of being a private coach/facilitator of their teachings.