Monday, February 17, 2014

What liberates you?......

What liberates you from yourself, from whatever stops you?  What liberates you and opens new possibilities?

For me it can be observing some thoughts, actions or ways of being that don’t serve me and then accepting and letting whatever is stopping me be, with no action necessary.  There are instances where I am liberated by confronting something I have tolerated a long time and then suddenly I am unwilling to tolerate any longer and I take action.  See my post dated, Jan. 9, 2011, for an example.  It can be being confronted by another with something about myself that I am unaware of, i.e., a blind spot and giving up my resistance to seeing what another sees that I don’t see.  Or other times it might be observing being fearful and choosing to take action in the face of the fear.  And a big one.....being willing to be wrong about something I have been self-righteous about and letting go of my position.  I could go on with other examples and I will return to some of these ways of liberation in other posts but there is another that I have recently realized can provide enormous liberation and open a whole new realm of possibilities.

And that is the inherent ability we human beings have to create.  My next post will be devoted to our ability to create new existence or new realities.  Maybe even the next several posts.  I can’t tell yet because I am creating this as I go along. 

Jimmy Wilson

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