Sunday, February 16, 2014

Resuming from where I left off......

It’s been a long time since I posted.  I could give some long explanation for why I haven’t posted, which would serve no useful purpose.  Let’s just say I am back and I think I have some life experiences since my last post that will enable me to be more focussed on what I spoke about in “About this blog”.  So the following is some review and expansion of "About this blog".

I believe the biggest challenge we have in life is transformation, i.e., recognizing or recovering who we really are.  We are born with no identity and then an identity(ego) is created which inherently limits and stops what is possible for us.  We don’t just have an ego.  We become the ego....we become the incessant thoughts in our head(mind) and everything we have identified with such as our body, possessions, name, country, religion, politics, etc.  We don’t just do or have all this but we literally are what we have identified with.  We forget we were not all this before we “became” what we identified with.  We are unconscious, asleep or blind to ourSelf prior to all the identifying.  We become programmed or brainwashed to believe we are all that we have identified with.  We are all born into this human condition that was already here when we are born.  We become lost to our original Self.  

The result is what we call the human condition and it seems, like death and taxes, none of us escapes this process.  We get so lost in this identification process that we act from the conditioning we received from our early environment and we get, at the extreme, all the insane behavior we hear about everyday in the media, including in ourselves, family, friends and neighbors.  It seems no one is exempt....from the poorest to the richest and from low intelligence to otherwise mentally brilliant people.  For most of us “normal” people this process simply occurs as “blind spots” where we are not aware of how we are being, acting and expressing in some specific areas.  It is sometimes referred to as “don’t know and don’t know we don’t know”.

All this begs the question:  How do we escape this human condition or can we?  Can we “liberate” ourselves from this universal human condition we are born into?  One obvious answer is yes, through death.  And that is the stuff of religion and other speculations about what if anything is after our death.  But that is not what this blog is about.  This blog is about sharing your and my experiences and observations along the “liberation path”.  It is my intention to have shorter and more frequent posts that share specific “liberation” experiences.  Please stay tuned and I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

Jimmy Wilson

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